Client Testimonials

Some of the most notable testimonials by Paraguayan Chefs who speak about Vro

Vro testimonio clientes

Kure Dumas – Slow Food

Style, comfort and custom designs



Vro testimonio clientes

Julio Fernandez – Celebrity Chef

Originality, confort and modern designs



Vro testimonio clientes
Eugenia Aquino – Director of gastronomy school SNNP

Simplicity, safety and freshness!


Vro testimonio clientesVidy Cáceres – Chef Ciudad del Este Institute of Arts and Crafts

I wear Vro pieces because the basics with her become modern. They are very resistant, I wear them on a daily basis and they keep their original shape. Most importantly, they are comfortable and functional. In my opinion, describing Vro in just three lines is not enough. However, to recap: Essential, Modern design, Resistant, Practical and Comfortable.

Vro testimonio clientes
Daniel Bonapartian – Sous Chef at Crowne Hotel

The best in Chef wear.



Vro testimonio clientes

Eduardo Renaultt – Celebrity Chef

Culinary trends are continuously changing. Vro Pardo wear broke the mold in terms of culinary uniforms. These are the most convenient uniforms I’ve work in years. Modern design+ Practical + Resistant = Original.


Vro testimonio clientes

Pedro Cáceres – Chef at La Fábrica restaurante and Celebrity Chef

Comfortable, pleasant, stylish!!! Avant-garde!!! Vro Pardo as usual!!!



Noelia CoroVro testimonio clientesnel – Chef Instructor at EFAES

Whenever I wear Vro by Verónica Pardo, besides being appropriately dressed in uniform, I also feel comfortable and mostly stylish, and proud to wear a distinctive piece, a trademark from my country designed by Vro- a woman entrepreneur!!!!


Vro testimonio clientes

Teresita Benegas O’hara Chef Instructor Escuela Ohara

Elegant designs



Clarita Bogado – Owner, Clara Bogado catering

Clarita Bogado Catering is a big culinary family that provides services in a variety of events. We are part of a quadre that always keeps in mind that during the hectic work day, plate presentation has to go hand-in-hand with the staff’s impeccable wear and appearance so they can be worthy representatives of excellence.
We maintain this important purpose at all times, as a guideline, and those who