Ao Poi

Vro Pardo Apliques Ao PoiVro is an innovative brand that creates culinary apparel, combining hand-made, artisanal “Ao Po’i” embroidery with avant-garde design.

“Ao Po’i” means “elegant clothing” in the Guaraní language, and is a delicate but sturdy fabric completely made of cotton threads, the embroidery is hand-made by Paraguayan artisans, and this art form can be found in a variety of colors, following a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. This traditional form of Paraguayan embroidery was created by the prodigious hands of Mrs. Dolores Giménez, who lived in the small village of Capilla Oviedo, named after its founder, the Spanish Captain Bartolomé de Oviedo. Today, it is called Yataity. The “Ao Po’i” embroidery is one of the most emblematic handcrafts from Paraguay.

Vro goes through an in-depth research phase in order to learn about the specific needs of each food company, interviewing clients, visiting kitchens, to find out first- hand the requirements of each particular establishment. Taking all these details into account, we produce a unique design with special fabrics and elegant finishes of “Ao Po’i” embroidery appliques chose by the Chefs themselves.

Vro is a national Brand, with the mission to contribute to the economic and social improvement of our country, while promoting and sharing these ancestral techniques and traditions in “Ao Po’i” embroidery, and teaming up with the best Paraguayan artisans.